Ana has loved design and used it as source of inspiration since she was just a young girl. Her father, a nuclear engineer, was a big influence in her life. His love of nature and fine craftsmanship helped Ana realize that she could make a representation of anything she can see – a life lesson she has taken to heart and uses frequently in her line of work.

Ana describes her sense of style as eclectic. She mixes the old with the new, antiques with contemporary furnishings. During the holidays, her sense of style really shines and she frequently changes the theme of a room to match the current season.

When Ana isn’t designing lovely rooms for her clients, she is a self-described “cat woman”. Her four feline friends roam along custom shelves in her living room – but, of course, those shelves perfectly match the flow and design of the room!

Let Ana help you design the home or office of your dreams!

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