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The Difference Between Old and New Sofa Sleepers

Do you remember the first sofa sleeper you owned? Chances are that old relic was used only in case of emergency because it was so uncomfortable! If that’s your idea of a sofa sleeper today, it’s time to learn why there is no comparison to modern versions.


Years ago, a pull-out or folding sofa bed was framed by hard metal bars and the mattress was the old spring-style construction. The mattress sat atop a wire framework that would sag in the middle over time. This contraption was heavy and difficult to open.

The Comfort Sleeper by American Leather is completely different. For one, these upscale and contemporary sofa sleepers use the patented Tiffany 24/7™ Sleep System to provide lasting support. There are no bars underneath, no springs in the mattress and consequently, no sagging in the middle! It’s also incredibly easy to open with little effort.


Back in the old days, a sofa sleeper was a bulky piece of furniture that took several muscle-bound men to move. A full-size mattress was the standard. The hefty construction made it difficult to fit into limited space.

Today, Comfort Sleeper™ sofas come in all sizes, with mattresses from King all the way down to Cot-sized, providing more space for sleep (80 inches of sleeping surface as opposed to the traditional 70 inches) while taking up less area in your room. This is because, unlike those old sleeper sofas with a big gap between the bed frame and back cushions, Comfort Sleeper™ mattresses extend further back. These modern pull-out beds can be disassembled in order to fit through tight openings and are designed to fit into small spaces as easily as large ones.

These aren’t just any pull-out sofa beds; there are three options in mattresses: the amazing comfort of Tempur-Pedic®, ultra-soft gel or the slightly firmer Premier mattress. Which pull-out couch would provide the best support for your guests?


Remember when that sofa sleeper in your home didn’t get used much and when you did pull out the bed, a whole family of dust bunnies came along with it?

That doesn’t happen anymore, thanks to a special dust barrier provided by the shielded cloth incorporated with Comfort Sleeper™ mattresses. This extra layer of protection means no more embarrassing dust bunnies when you pull out the bed for guests.

If you haven’t shopped for modern sofa sleepers recently, maybe it’s time you revisited this iconic piece of furniture, starting with this online showcase of high quality sofas sleepers. With contemporary styling, modern technology and a wide array of sizes to fit any space, Comfort Sleeper™ sofas are the new, comfortable solution to the age-old problem of accommodating overnight guests.

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How to Design a Multi-Purpose Living Room

Not everyone has a huge amount of living space in their homes. Many times, a living room has to be able to do more than just provide space for TV viewing. But creating an area that looks great while performing a variety of functions can be a bit tricky. Here are our suggestions for multiplying the ways you can use your living room in style!

Separate the Space

Although there is nothing wrong with keeping the living room one open space, you may want to create designated areas for various functions in order to provide a bit of privacy or incorporate utilitarian pieces that aren’t always stylish. Adding a pony wall, built-in shelving, incorporating a contemporary screen, such as the Wave Vine screen, or with other types of contemporary living room furniture are all easy ways to separate the room.

Room for Media

In order to maximize the space in your living room, choosing pieces that accommodate more than one type of utility just makes sense.

Let’s start with the television set and related media devices. These items are not conducive to great design, but they are a necessary part of most living rooms. Tuck them all away in style by incorporating a gorgeous entertainment center that also has lots of storage and display room, such as this contemporary Gallante entertainment center. Although it is a big piece, the space required is worthwhile because it is very functional – and, well, it’s beautiful!

Then again, if you have a very limited amount of space, this ingenious Poppi Theater wall system from Clei is just the thing!  Not only does it accommodate a flat screen TV, it has lots of shelves for books, DVDs, curios and the like – in addition to hiding a comfy bed!

Furnishings that Do Double or Triple Duty

Of course, there are plenty more things you may need to do in your living room. If you need an extra table for eating, crafting or working, this Ulisse dining wall bed is the perfect solution.  It’s big enough to be very functional and even includes a wall bed ideal for accommodating overnight guests.

Although technically a buffet table meant for the dining room, a handsome piece like this Thomas Dark Walnut Buffet adds extra space for entertaining or crafting while stowing lots of items like games, videos, office supplies and more.

Don’t forget that seating pieces are also ideal for doing double duty. Storage ottomans can hold remote controls, coffee tables can store books or videos and the right accent chair can function as a comfy seat for watching TV or reading while providing support for laptop work. Add a clip-on table to a recliner and it makes the perfect spot for snacking or reading magazines on an eBook reader.

The possibilities for turning your living room into one space made for entertainment, work, play, crafting and so much more are nearly endless. Stop into either of our showrooms today for more ideas on maximizing your home’s living area.

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Contemporary style table, designed and made in Italy by Alf Dafrè Furniture. This Italian board table design combines beauty and function, and is created to guarantee long-lasting reliability. It is built with a metal structure and a wooden table top, and it comes available in fixed or extending versions. A beautifully designed metal base finds the perfect partner in a knotted aged-look oak table top designed by irregular-shaped edges.

Alf Group interprets quality based on its woodcraft and the craftsmanship of the Veneto region, renowned internationally as one of the most important furniture making areas in the world. Alf strives to expand its knowledge base and uses cutting-edge technology continuously to reaffirm its position of leadership.

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