Christie Rumsey

Meet Christie Rumsey

Design Consultant

  • When did you join Lawrance Furniture? How did you come to work here? 

I’ve wanted to work for Lawrance since I was a little girl. I’m a 5th generation San Diegan with deep local artistic roots. For over 20 years I have helped to curate multiple galleries and retail spaces as well as hundreds of homes and businesses through local art and furniture placement. I have a Bachelor’s degree from SDSU in Applied Arts with an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking/ Gallery Exhibition Design.

  • Why do you enjoy working at Lawrance? What’s your favorite thing about working in the furniture/design industry? 

I love working with the team/family here at Lawrance. Everyone I work with is kind, helpful and highly motivated to provide exceptional customer service and design. I prefer and generally have chosen to work for local San Diego Companies. Lawrance is the ultimate local company for design sales. I am proud to work here. 

My favorite thing about working in the design industry is making connections with clients and being able to offer my strengths as a visual artist to develop designs that suit not only their daily needs but the needs of their emotions. christier favorite

  • What’s your favorite piece at Lawrance? 

Currently, I am enamoured with the amazing new Italian collection: The free-standing options of this collection and the juxtaposition of modern design with organic elements is right up my alley. 

  • How would you describe your personal style? 

I love clean lines, color and to create a visceral experience in my designs. I definitely have a sophisticated earthy vibe. I like to add in visual and actual texture. I tend to reach towards pops of yummy organic pieces that make me swoon. 

  • Who’s your favorite designer? 

Hands down, Pamela Shamshiri

  • What’s your favorite color? 

GREEN! If I could use it in every space, I likely would as it makes me and most people feel good. That and a sea glass blue-green. Which I guess is also green. 

  • List 2-3 fun facts about you. 

I am a mother of 2 humans, 2 chihuahuas, 1 cat and a leopard gecko. We also have a pack of coyotes that call our neighborhood home lately. 

I am a trained fine art painter and printmaker

I enjoy outdoor activities and spend my free time hiking and camping.


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Ana has loved design and used it as source of inspiration since she was just a young girl. Her father, a nuclear engineer, was a big influence in her life. His love of nature and fine craftsmanship helped Ana realize that she could make a representation of anything she can see – a life lesson she has taken to heart and uses frequently in her line of work.

Ana describes her sense of style as eclectic. She mixes the old with the new, antiques with contemporary furnishings. During the holidays, her sense of style really shines and she frequently changes the theme of a room to match the current season.

When Ana isn’t designing lovely rooms for her clients, she is a self-described “cat woman”. Her four feline friends roam along custom shelves in her living room – but, of course, those shelves perfectly match the flow and design of the room!

Let Ana help you design the home or office of your dreams!

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Ben has had a long love affair with the contemporary furniture industry. The details of classic and timeless furniture designs captured his interest at a young age and he has been in the business for more than 50 years.

Early in his career, Ben took a break to serve his country in the U.S. Army. He was recruited by Ed Haimsohn, the former CEO of Lawrance Furniture, in 1981 and has been with the company as one of their most successful designers ever since.

The pride that Ben takes in his position is reflected in the customized service he provides. His extensive product knowledge and flair for contemporary furniture design, in combination with his honesty and integrity, have earned him the loyalty of a vast number of clients.

When it was time for Lawrance Furniture to grow, Ben applied his talents and skills to assist in the opening of the newest showroom in Encinitas. But it’s North County, specifically, Carlsbad, that he calls home.


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Lexi Sadler

Meet Lexi Sadler 

At the young age of fourteen, Lexi discovered a passion for interior design and never looked back. She graduated with honors from the American Institute of Interior Design and went on to run a thriving interior design business for five years in Phoenix, AZ. Her work was featured in Arizona’s The View magazine. After her success in Arizona, Lexi returned to her home state of California where she became an American Lighting Association Certified Lighting Designer.

Lexi’s focus is creating a space that her clients will love for years to come. She believes everyone deserves to come home to their own personalized sanctuary. Lexi helps her clients express their personalities in their own homes through sophisticated design. She excels at understanding her client’s mindset.

Lexi has a good eye for color and guides her clients smoothly through design concepts to create unique, innovative, and fashion-forward styles that reflect their tastes and add to their home’s values.

Lexi’s twelve years of experience in interior design and her ability to tailor designs to clients’ needs make her an invaluable asset to her clients, both new and old.

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You could say that Cecilia inherited her love of great design – she grew up in a family-owned interior design business in South Florida. From her family, she learned that offering quality products with exceptional service would result in word-of-mouth advertising that anchors the foundations of a successful business. With many years of experience in the retail furniture and accessories industry, Cecilia understands not only the dynamics of doing good business but the importance of listening to each client’s needs.

Perhaps Cecilia’s finest talent is her ability to connect with customers and earn their trust. This intuitive approach helps her find the deeper meaning in each client’s personal space and how it is best represented.

With this information, Cecilia begins the process of selecting furnishings. Once these are chosen, Cecilia uses her creative design talent to make a room welcoming. Her expertise in color, design, textiles, furniture arrangement and accessory placement turn an otherwise ordinary space into a personalized sanctuary. It’s not surprising she is so talented given that she is an accomplished artist, as well.

“Home Sweet Home” are the comforting words uttered by those returning to their personal space after a time away. It implies that even though there are other destinations worthy of visiting, they could not possibly compare to the pleasures found at home. It is Cecilia’s desire to have you utter those words every time you come home.

Isn’t it time you turned your home into a space to which you are always eager to return?


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Esther Goya

Esther Goya has over 30 years’ experience with contemporary furnishings and has worked as a designer in the Lawrance showrooms for over 15 years. She took a 12-year hiatus out-of-state to work with a top contemporary furnishings company but recently returned to San Diego and the Lawrance family.

Interior design is in Esther’s blood. A native of Minnesota, she grew up working in her family’s furniture business and by age twelve, was already helping clients design their living spaces and assisting them with furniture selections. Deciding to begin a career in public relations, Esther attended the University of Florida and graduated with honors. It didn’t take her long to realize that she missed the home furnishings industry and she found her way to Lawrance. There’s a reason Esther is such a successful Lawrance designer. Her clients appreciate her creative talents, knowledge, professionalism and most of all, her ability to listen to their needs and tailor her design suggestions to their lifestyles and budget.

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When not working, Esther is a true adventure junky. She has traveled extensively throughout Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. She speaks French and Spanish fluently. She is married with two daughters. In her spare time, Esther enjoys running, hot yoga, and volunteering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Let Esther’s vast experience help transform your space.

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