You could say that Cecilia inherited her love of great design – she grew up in a family-owned interior design business in South Florida. From her family, she learned that offering quality products with exceptional service would result in word-of-mouth advertising that anchors the foundations of a successful business. With many years of experience in the retail furniture and accessories industry, Cecilia understands not only the dynamics of doing good business but the importance of listening to each client’s needs.

Perhaps Cecilia’s finest talent is her ability to connect with customers and earn their trust. This intuitive approach helps her find the deeper meaning in each client’s personal space and how it is best represented.

With this information, Cecilia begins the process of selecting furnishings. Once these are chosen, Cecilia uses her creative design talent to make a room welcoming. Her expertise in color, design, textiles, furniture arrangement and accessory placement turn an otherwise ordinary space into a personalized sanctuary. It’s not surprising she is so talented given that she is an accomplished artist, as well.

“Home Sweet Home” are the comforting words uttered by those returning to their personal space after a time away. It implies that even though there are other destinations worthy of visiting, they could not possibly compare to the pleasures found at home. It is Cecilia’s desire to have you utter those words every time you come home.

Isn’t it time you turned your home into a space to which you are always eager to return?


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