Harlequin Mattress

The only adjustable mattress | Experience the ZERO GRAVITY sensation

A perfect balance between technology, design and well being

The innovative Harlequin technology integrated and fully dissimulated within the mattress offers a unique sensation to every type of sleeper. Dive into the ZERO GRAVITY HARLEQUIN sensation as your mattress entirely molds your body’s morphology with its fluid joint movement technology, eliminating all pressure points and back pain.

Harlequin Mattress Collection

harlequin mattress Virtuose Model San Diego

Virtuose Model

The ultra deluxe model of the Harlequin Collection, with its unique composition of 100 % natural raw materials is designed for those seeking the naturally perfect sleeping experience as well as the ZERO GRAVITY sensation offered by our joint technology integrated within the mattress.

Malia V19 Cooler Model

The ‘’Coup de Coeur’’ model of our collection is offered in two options, the Semi-firm and the Soft comfort categories. Let your nights be suspended in time as your comfort reaches its peak thanks to the ZERO GRAVITY sensation integrated within the mattress.

Thaia V19 Cooler mattress

Thaia V19 Cooler Model

The sleekly designed model has a low profile, at 10 inches high. For sleepers seeking a strong level of support, you may consider its latex version. However, if the expression An iron fist in a velvet glove resonates in you, you will rather choose Thaia microgel version.

Pierrot V19 Cooler Harlquin mattress

Pierrot V19 Cooler Model

The comfort of this trendy model of our Hotel Boutique style collection is a total magnet. Its sleek design, low profile and semi-firm comfort, combined to the ZERO GRAVITY sensation of our joint system technology gives you the highest level of comfort!

  • Exclusive Harlequin technology gives you the unique adjustable mattress that does not require a base to achieve perfect articulation.
  • A Bluetooth connection allows you to synchronize your devices such as smart phone and electronic tablet to take advantage of the range of articulation functions of your Harlequin adjustable mattress.
  • Calibrate your ZERO GRAVITY position unique to each sleeper, exclusive to Harlequin.
  • Calibrate your sleeping position unique to each sleeper whether side, back or stomach, exclusive to Harlequin.
  • Handcrafted in Canada

Harlequin Technology

Harlequin mattressThe innovative Harlequin technology integrated into the mattress and completely concealed provides a unique feeling for every sleeper. The fluid articulation movement molds perfectly to your body type which plunges you into the ultimate ZERO GRAVITY HARLEQUIN sensation. The weightless effect eliminates all your pressure points, lumbar stress and back problems, in addition to adapting to all your sleeping positions.

The luxury model from the Harlequin Mattress Collection, made of 100% natural raw materials, is unique. It has been uncompromisingly designed for the sleeper who seeks natural perfection and the ultimate experience of the ZERO GRAVITY sensation provided by our in-mattress articulation technology.