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STRATUS EASYSWING CHAIR – comfort in every position

In order to be able to provide the greatest possible seating comfort whatever your size and stature, the EASY SWING luxury armchair is available in two different sizes (medium and large). The adjustable headrest ensures that you can read, watch television or even sleep in comfort by relieving the strain on the neck and pro-moting the relaxation of the muscles. Five different base plate options ensure an exquisite appearance.

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CYGNET: unique reclining function for hours of relaxation

The elegant sofa from himolla does not just stand out thanks to its high-quality design: the patented reclining function ensures that this two-seater is perfect for quiet hours in your living room. You can sit back and read in peace or even fall asleep on this sofa. The modern back design impresses with the fold-down back, whilst the headrest adjustment comes with a convenient mechanism. The model is available with metal runners. The trapezoidal model offers additional comfort – it comes with a fold-down central backrest, which can be converted into a table surface in seconds.

csm 8505 01 himolla CYGNET sofa c6bc233356
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The AURA armchair is a small, comfortable single chair that can be combined with any model in our range. Whether for sleeping, reading, watching television or simply relaxing: if you are looking for a visually appealing chair with a high level of seating comfort, you are definitely making the right choice with the AURA recliner from himolla.

Wide selection of high-quality covers

Thanks to our extensive range of fabrics and leathers in many different colours, you can tailor the AURA perfectly to your personal taste and to the furnishing style in your living room. Different fabrics and types of leather are available so that you can create your own favourite cover. The swivel cross on your single chair is designed either in anthracite, bronze or with a stainless steel finish.

Functional yet user-friendly

The luxury 360° swivel armchair leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to functionality. You benefit from an integrated leg rest and a – manually or electrically – adjustable backrest, amongst other things. The headrest is concealed in the backrest and can be folded out as required.

*Restrictions apply. See associate for details.

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