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Danny W.

I live with 2 other mid 20’s males so you can probably imagine what our apartment is like. Beer cans are everywhere, take out containers galore, and a heck of a lot of candles to drown out the inevitable odors.

It’s for this reason that I probably won’t walk away with anything from Lawrence Furniture for the next few years even though I always enjoy browsing. If I wasn’t so certain that it’d become a stain magnet in less than a month I’d totally pick up a couch here. They’ve got tons of modern stuff that could make your apartment look like a scene from MTV’s cribs. Yeah… it’s a little pricey, but we’re not talking couches that your buddies will be crashing on. We’re talking…be on your best behavior when you sit on them couches.

I’m not exactly in the market for upping my living room to baller status right now, but I definitely know where to go when those beer cans and burrito stains turn into doilies and babies.