lawrance review

Joan Salb

I am a longtime customer of your Lawrance store in HIllcrest (probably 10 years).  I have always been happy with the furniture I have bought from you. But more than that, I am so impressed by your service: and especially by Russell Parker.

Russ had been a big help when my apartment was flooded a few years back —all the furniture being moved out.  And,once the mess was cleaned up and when my glass top dining table had to be re-assembled, the workers had lost the the rubber bumper pads. Though I had bought the table from you over a year before… Russ came to my apartment, took a look at my dilemma and found new bumper pads to solve the problem.

At this current time, Russ has come to my aid regarding the feathers that are now popping out of my sofa.  He researched the vendor and having found out they are no longer available, suggested a source who could re-do the sofa seating cushions.

I am so lucky that Russ has been with you, lo, these many years. And you, too, should feel proud to have such an employee representing the name Lawrance.


Joan Salb