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Polly T.

I just bought 6 pieces of furniture from Lawrance Furniture in Hillcrest.  I love the furniture that they showed me, and everyone that I spoke to was extremely helpful.  Their design staff helped me consider several different contemporary styles for the same room.  They also showed me how the scale of the furniture needed to fit with the scale of the room and how decorative accessories can really change the look of a room. Finally they were respectful of my budget.  While they showed me pieces I could not afford, when I clearly loved a piece that was outside of my budget range, they were able to offer more affordable alternatives that provided the same look.

The delivery crew for Lawrance Furniture was also outstanding.  They took extra care of both my newly remodeled house and the furniture I purchased.  On a very hot July day they carried heavy furniture down a narrow side yard and up a narrow set of stairs to my second floor.  Once inside my house they took a lot of care to protect all the brand new finishes in my house, including putting down blankets when assembling furniture, and lifting rather than sliding all furniture when it was placed.  Throughout the process, with multiple requests for “adjustments” in the placement of furniture, they were friendly and accommodating.

All in all, it was a great experience!