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Experience Relaxation Refined

American Leather – Style In Motion® provides the best of both worlds—fashion-forward styles combined with unmatched innovation to bring you world-class motion furniture. In one fluid movement, our mechanism offers ongoing support for your head, back, and legs. A wall-hugging design allows for greater recline in tight spaces.

Your safety is our main priority! To ensure safety and social distancing, we are limiting the number of clients we allow in at one time. We recommend you make an appointment to reserve your time. Call or Web chat with us today!

American Leather – Endless possibilities for every style.

We believe that a covering is much more than something that you choose for a new piece of furniture. It’s a reflection of style, life, and your home rolled into one. We search the globe to bring the most fashionable, durable, and beautiful leathers and fabrics to our customers. A wide array of color and texture options ensure that we have the perfect solution for every home. Find your American Leather at Lawrance!

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Innovation is at the heart of every American Leather® product. Our advanced engineering methods combined with unprecedented manufacturing speed offer a custom-furniture experience unlike any other in the industry. From precise tailoring techniques, to cutting-edge designs, we produce quality and comfort you can feel.

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All of our furniture styles use soy-based BiOH® Polyols Renew™ foam cushioning that is fully recyclable and available in a wide assortment of firmness and densities. Additionally, since April 2014, American Leather has exclusively used foam, leather, fabric, and Ultrasuede® that are free from fire retardants.