Technogel® Original Pillows Collection

Put your head down at night and feel your spirits rise in the morning. A patented design features a layer of Technogel® molded seamlessly to memory foam that gently conforms to your head and neck. Better pressure relief. More comfortable support. Keeps you cool while you sleep. Plus, a range of shapes and sizes to choose from. Rest assured: you may have finally found your perfect bedmate. What more could you want from a pillow?

Anatomic Pillow

Two loft heights and an ergonomically curved surface help alleviate neck pain for medium-to-large built back or side sleepers—and those who roll between the two.

anatomic halfcover 45 570x288

Contour Pillow

Compact and ergonomic design curves around your shoulder, avoiding pushback and helping to fit your head snuggly in the contoured surface.

contour halfcover 45 570x288

Deluxe Thick Pillow

A thick and lavish memory foam pillow with the added benefits of Technogel® provides comfortable support for medium-to-large side sleepers or larger built back sleepers.

deluxethick 14 halfcover 45 570x288

Deluxe Pillow

A versatile, moderate height in a classic shape makes a refreshing bed pillow for small-to-medium built back or side sleepers (and the periodic stomach sleeper too).

deluxe 11 halfcover 45 570x288

Deluxe Thin Pillow

A low profile pillow designed to support proper spinal alignment, especially for thin, petite people or stomach sleepers in search of more comfort.

deluxethin 9 halfcover 45 570x288