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Interior Design in San Diego simplified. You dream it, we’ll make it happen.

Interior Design at Lawrance Furniture – our motto is to Love the Home You Live In. That’s why we have a top-notch team of interior home designers ready to help you turn your dream home into a reality. Whatever your personal taste and budget, our home designers in San Diego here to assist.  Dreams really do come true.

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  • We will Help You to Create the Home of Your Dreams……not someone else’s
  • Lawrance is San Diego’s Most Reputable Business for Design, Quality & Service
  • Work With Professional Designers who have Formal Education & Practical Experience
  • Locally Owned Family Business for over 80 Years
  • Visualize a Complete Room or Home Before You Invest
  • Interior Design that Fits Your Budget
  • Limitless Selections from Leading Furniture Designers & Craftsmen Throughout the World

“When it was time to decorate our new home, my husband and I decided to take a look at what Lawrance had to offer. Our experience with the store was first class. They helped us furnish our home exactly as we had envisioned.” – Johara S.

5 Steps to a Beautiful Home

1. Meet Your Design Team & Get Inspired

At Lawrance, your interior design experience will begin in one of our two beautiful showrooms. Here, our displays are meant to inspire you as well as to help you realize aesthetics, functions and comforts that fit both your taste and your budget.

Our Design Team will help you discover the possibilities.

2. Your Home & How You Live

The second part of your experience will involve a visit and consultation in your home. Here, we will more deeply explore your preferences, color and style, likes and dislikes. We want to know what you love about your home. What are some of your existing treasured furniture or accent pieces that you want to incorporate?

We will take photos and measurements and brainstorm with you regarding how you live and how you want your rooms and home to function. Existing finishes, walls, ceilings, windows and floors are noted, so we can help you to create a harmonious aesthetic for your home.

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3. Collaboration & Creativity

After our in-home visit, your Lawrance Interior Designer will return to the showroom and begin creating your Design Plan. At Lawrance, this is often a collaborative process. Our team of designers will integrate your style, needs, budget and your goals for your home. Your rooms will be computer rendered to scale and our team will begin a creative process.

Style, proportion, color and function, with constant respect for your budget are all considered. Your existing colors, finishes, flooring, windows and other interior elements are all detailed as we explore the best solutions for your needs. Your design team will research the best home furnishings options for your home. With access to over 100 of the top furniture manufacturers in the world, limitless options are researched and considered.

4. Presentation & Visualization

Next, we will invite you back into our showroom for your Design Plan Presentation. Here, we will share with you our selection process and why we believe your plan properly fits your needs and your style. But, this is still a collaborative process.

We always know and respect that it is your home. We want you to love being there. So, while we will recommend, and we hope you will like what we present, the final decisions are always yours.

5. Your Dreams Realized

Our entire Lawrance team of interior home designers in San Diego is committed to helping you realize a beautiful, functional and comfortable space. From ordering to follow up and delivery, you will experience the finest in customer service. And, our 5 Star delivery team is the best in the country.
Our ultimate goal is to have you “Love The Home You Live In”


interior design

Unlock the Potential of Your Space with Creative Interior Home Design & Decorating in San Diego

When it comes to enhancing the beauty, functionality, and style of your home or office, interior design is the key. Our interior design services are dedicated to transforming your space into a masterpiece that reflects your personality and meets your practical needs.

Why Choose Our Interior Design Services in San Diego?

Personalized Design Expertise: Our team of interior design experts recognizes that each client and space is unique. We take the time to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and vision. Our goal is to create a design that resonates with your taste and individuality.

Space Optimization: We understand the significance of efficient space utilization. Our San Diego interior designers are adept at optimizing every corner of your home or office, ensuring that it serves a purpose while maintaining aesthetics.

Attention to Detail: Details matter. From selecting the right color palette to choosing furniture and accessories, we focus on every aspect of the design process. Our interior home designers in San Diego have an eye for those subtle finishing touches that make all the difference.

Functional and Aesthetic Designs: We believe that great design should be a balance of beauty and practicality. Our designs not only look stunning but also enhance the functionality of the space.

Ready to transform your living or working space into something extraordinary? Contact us today to get started. Our experienced interior designers in San Diego are committed to making your dream space a reality with innovative, personalized, and cost-effective interior design solutions.