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At night, your brain recharges with new strength, your memory gathers all thoughts and ideas, and now your spinal column and muscles can stretch and decompress like never before. The MagniStretch Line is your spine's dream come true, thanks to its ability to stretch and decompress it all through the night.

Stretch your body and mind

Recharge the mind, stretch the body. All you need to do is lie down; and Magnistretch will do the rest of the work for your body’s well-being, stretching your back every night.

Not just stretching

Patented and developed in collaboration with the Department of mechanical engineering at the University of Zaragoza the inner layers in Elioform and Eliosoft present special laser cuts and shapes that work together to generate our stretching effect.

This innovation guarantees ideal spine support. The padding is in Memoform, while the cover combines natural viscose and Outlast ® to regulate temperature and release excess heat.

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