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Copeland Sustainable Furniture San Diego

For over 30 years, Copeland Furniture has been designing and manufacturing Shaker-inspired, modern solid wood furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and home office. The simple, clean lines of Copeland furniture complements and enhances any interior. We are thrilled to offer this collection of contemporary furniture at Lawrance.

Natural hardwoods have specific characteristics that make them warm and appealing to the eye. Swirls, knots and burls are some characteristics that contribute to the natural beauty of finely crafted hardwood and solid wood modern furniture. Hardwoods oxiodize, or change color, from exposure to direct light. The color of the wood will deepen over time and take on a warm glow and soft patina.

Copeland Furniture is Green Furniture
Preservation and stewardship are values that run deep in Vermont. We use sustainably harvested hardwoods from the American Northern Forest. The lumber we use comes from within 500 miles of our factory. Living and working in and near the regions that supply our raw materials means that far less fossil fuel is consumed and less carbon dioxide emitted through transportation.