Discover the benefits of cool, comfortable support from the pioneer of gel mattresses. A thick layer of body conforming Technogel® is clinically shown to help you fall asleep and enjoy more deep sleep.


Technogel® molded seamlessly with memory foam in an innovative, breathable design comes in a range of shapes and sizes so you get the most comfortable head and neck support. Now that’s a cool pillow!

Travel comfortable

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With a pillow of our new Travel Pillow Collection. You can choose between two different shapes with different heights to find your perfect travel mate for a better sleep in a car, train, hotel or plane!

Seat Pads

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From 9 to 5 and Route 1 to 66, you spend a lot of your days sitting. Technogel® Living seating supports reinforce proper posture and provide the ultimate cool comfort for your tailbone and lower back.

Standing Mate Mat

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Our feet are our foundation: they get us going, help us reach new heights, and keep us grounded. Technogel Living Standing Mate gel floor mat is there to help make life better on your feet.

Technogel®: The Gel

An Innovative Material

Imagine something so unique and resilient that it motivates you to depart from usual thinking and approach routines with a fresh perspective. From the moment you rise in the morning to the welcome relief that’s oh so needed each night, Technogel is transforming everyday experiences. More than an extraordinary technology, it’s a more comfortable way of living.