VIVE Collection

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to comfort, so Technogel never compromises when it comes to quality. The art and passion of Italian craftsmanship lives in every Technogel Sleeping VIVE™ pillow. From our hearts and hands, we deliver the most innovative and luxurious gel pillow to your heads. You deserve the most restful night’s sleep imaginable. Because comfort is the new luxury.

VIVE Anatomic Curve Pillow

A sumptuous neck pillow with 2 loft heights and an ergonomically curved surface provides the superior support you need and the first-class comfort you deserve.

vive anatomic curve ansicht

VIVE Deluxe Pillow

A cushy gel memory foam pillow that provides reliable spinal support for medium-to-large side or back sleepers who like a classic shape reinvented in an innovative design.

vive deluxe ansicht

VIVE Classic Pillow

Indulge in divinely refreshing sleep on a moderate profile that delivers a big dose of cool, comfortable support for small-to-medium back or side sleepers or those who favor thin pillows.

vive classic halfcover 45 570x288