We’re Committed to a Greener Environment

Over seventy-five years ago in San Diego, sustainable business practice was not a concern. Reducing the carbon footprint of businesses was not a mainstream idea until the turn of this century. While many of the original tenets of the Haimsohn family business remain in place today, much has been added by Lawrance Furniture to implement a business sustainability plan and philosophy of environmental responsibility to its mission statement.

President Howard Haimsohn recognized early on that doing business with a like-minded coalition such as the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) was one method for engaging his company in the green movement. SFC members include suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and designers that promote the best practices for “green markets”, like selecting wood products certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. The FSC standards represent the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes.

Reducing his company’s energy needs also became Haimsohn’s goal for Lawrance. Last year, Lawrance Furniture chose to light its showrooms with long-lasting LED bulbs, which significantly reduced the energy consumption at the two Lawrance stores as well as the need for ordering, packaging, and throwing out old bulbs. The move to reduce its energy needs added up to huge savings on expenses, and further, was rewarded by a San Diego Gas & Electric rebate program.

Haimsohn’s company embraces the idea of reducing the carbon footprint in all aspects of its business. It is a big picture approach to an important issue. In his travels around the world searching for the best in contemporary and modern furnishings, Haimsohn discovered that his home turf – Southern California – has much to offer. With that, Haimsohn and his regional suppliers have created a local green market simply by keeping down the miles travelled to do business.

Print advertising can generate a lot of waste. That’s why Lawrance San Diego contemporary furniture works hard to encourage their prospecting and existing customers to communicate with them in a more green, environmentally friendly manner by joining their email data base. Customers that join are informed about great private sales, new products and special events. When Lawrance prints anything, they are serious about their commitment to sustainability and the environment. When possible they are only using ISO and FSC certified printers. Only systems that meet the very stringent requirements set by the International Organization for Standardization can earn registration. Less than one-percent have achieved this distinction.

Next up for Lawrance’s commitment to the environment is the addition of one of the first hybrid-fueled delivery trucks in their market. From the moment you see one, you’ll notice the difference between a standard delivery truck and the advanced ground breaking aerodynamic design of the new Hino® Hybrid Electric. Look for this vehicle on the streets of San Diego.

Lawrance Hybrid Delivery Truck